Dion Harding, LLC, is a full service corporate training organization.  Our company develops business professionals from the moment they secure an interview to closing the sale as a veteran professional.  We specialize in helping organizations inspire and fully develop all employees to help them reach their maximum potential.  Our objectives are achieved by first gaining a thorough understanding of the vision and goals of the organization, and  then tailoring our presentations, seminars, and training techniques to fit their needs.


With his natural high energy approach, Dion is able to develop an increased momentum among inexperienced sales professionals and creatively inspire new energy into tenured sales persons.  His program is built on sixteen years of professional selling experience and brings passion to each stage of his seminars. Dion’s enthusiasm is contagious!


Dion Harding, LLC, partners with Kimberly Turner, a certified image coach.  Kim Turner combines her Fortune 100 experience, MBA from the University of Michigan, and certification in Image Consulting from Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York to assist employees in visually communicating the key traits of the company.  Not only are people inspired by hearing the vision but seeing it as well.  In addition, Kim uses her background in marketing and corporate experience to her advantage when working with organizations to strategically plan the appropriate dress for executives.


Dion Harding, LLC specializes in inspiring all levels of staff to achieve success through delivering the “total package” – content and appearance.  We offer motivational sales presentations, multi level sales seminars, general motivation for all disciplines, image coaching, etiquette training, and interviewing skills.


Motivational Speeches – Dion is an engaging speaker who uses his zeal for life to energize his audiences. His enthusiasm for achievement is transferred to his audiences. He not only uplifts the crowd but also uses proven techniques and strategies for the listeners to implement for long term success. Dion specializes in motivating sales people and leadership.


Multi Level Seminars – Our company realizes that there are varying needs within an organization, therefore we have established seminars that meet the needs of employees at all levels.


We offer our “Get the Snowball Rolling” seminar for newer representatives who need to find the right balance of professionalism and enthusiasm. This half day session is designed to help unseasoned sales representatives build momentum in their careers and teach them how to sustain it. In addition, this seminar offers professional image coaching to further prepare the sales representative for all business settings.  Seminar participants will learn what type of message their choice of clothing could be saying to their customers, co-workers, and superiors. Anyone that completes this seminar will become “the total package,” sales professional.  Representatives of all talent levels will benefit from this exhilarating course.


Our “Close Them for Life” seminar is uniquely manufactured to breathe new life into career sales professionals.  This seminar is geared toward revitalizing seasoned sales persons who may be looking for new challenges in their profession. We explore fresh techniques to maintain and increase the sales of existing customers,  turning them into “clients.”   This unique seminar deals with the challenges of changes in your profession and how to turn it into positive energy.


Additionally, this seminar gives attendees a chance to discuss the need to keep clothing modern, yet traditional enough to fit into any corporate culture. It also explores how appearance can influence customers whom representatives have been calling on for years. This course is a must for any organization who has career sales representatives and must face changes in process.


Interviewing Skills – Combining their efforts, Dion Harding and Kimberly Turner have over thirty years of coaching interviewing skills.  The two have devised an intriguing seminar entitled, “How the Pros Prepare for the Interview.” This exciting seminar takes interviewing candidates from preparing for the interview, displaying your best winning look, to securing the offer.  This course is designed for universities and colleges, career counseling groups, professional organizations, and individuals who want to successfully sell themselves during an interview.

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